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ChargeFWD are Canada’s leading sustainable transport consultants,  established to accelerate the adoption of Zero emission vehicles (ZEVs). We believe that convenient and readily available infrastructure is the key to a successful transition to sustainable transportation. We provide expertise on the development of Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructure and the migration of fleet vehicles to Electric Vehicles.

Two Friends

Our founding story is one of the convergence of two career paths. ChargeFWD was founded by two friends who met in university. Post graduation they went onto different career paths; one entered the automotive technology sector, while the other worked in facilities management procurement. By chance, years later the two were brought together travelling aboard, where they connected and both saw the future challenges that electrifying transportation would have. In their return home to Vancouver it became apparent that their crossover in experiences and skills could be directly applied to providing electric vehicle infrastructure and fleet migrations solutions. Leveraging their combined technical knowledge and project management skills ChargeFWD believes that we are able to deliver our clients effective customer centric solutions accelerating the adoption of zero emissions vehicles.


OUR MISSION at ChargeFWD is to accelerate the adoption of sustainable transport.

OUR VISION is of a zero emission evolution in both the transportation and energy sectors.