Good news everybody! Charging station rebates in BC are increasing due to additional funding from NRCAN (Natural Resources Canada). Incessance the NRCAN funding will bring the CleanBC Go Electric programs rebates on par with the rebates available through NRCAN programs. This is a great thing for BC applicants as the CleanBC programs application process is quicker and simpler than the NRCAN programs.

Since 2018 BC has offered rebates for ZEVs (zero emission vehicles) and charging stations through the CleanBC Go Electric  programs. The rebates offering for charging stations has never been this strong, however, the additional funds are only temporary while funds last.

So what has changed?

CleanBC Go Electric rebates for homes and workplaces

For MURBS (Multi unit residential buildings) and workplaces the rebate for level-2 charging stations have increased.

The rebates for the EV Ready Infrastructure are the same $600 per stall as before, however, as of April 1st, 2022 the rebates for the EV charging stations have increased.

They are now 75% of costs up to $4,400 per charging station, up to a max of $25,000 per MURB complex.

This has changed from 50% of costs up to $1,400 per charging station, up to a max of $14,000 per MURB complex.

CleanBC Go Electric Public Charger Program

Standalone level-2 charging station installations in rural areas are now eligible for the program.

The increase rebates for the CleanBC Go Electric Fleets  program haven’t been announced yet, but it is expected that the level-2 charging station installation rebate will also increase to 75% of costs to a maximum of $5,000 per station. And the level-3 DCFC rebate will increase to the $75,000 for a ≥50kW.