Electric Vehicle Charging station installations have nine key components. Having a checklist is a useful tool to ensure no aspect of this installation is forgotten.

  1. Charging Station Product;
    1. What Level of charging station is required?
    2. Should your changing station be networked? (The answer is YES!)
    3. Is the charging station capable of load sharing?
    4. Are you able to switch between vendors? (I.E is the hardware OCPP compliant)
  2. The Power supply;
    1. Has an energy audit of the building’s power consumption been performed? (Including a Load calculation)
    2. Is a new electrical panel required?
    3. Is a power supply upgrade required?
  3. the Placement of the equipment;
    1. Where should the equipment be located?
    2. Is the equipment secure and adequately protected?
    3. Have you made consideration of wheelchair accessibility?
    4. Is a cable management system required? 
  4. the means of Payment for charging,
    1. How will the users pay for charging?
    2. Who will manage the payments processing?
    3. Who will cover the subscription fees?
  5. Proprietorship of the equipment;
    1. Who owns the equipment?
    2. Who is liable for the equipment?
    3. What are the warranties and insurance available?
  6. Project Management to ensure the process runs smoothly;
    1. Assessment
    2. Design 
    3. Incentives
    4. Construction
    5. Policy
    6. Backoffice
  7. Price and procurement of equipment,
    1. Is the budget reasonable for the scope of the project?
    2. Did you draft a specification of your requirements?
    3. Did you get 3 quotes within your budget?
    4. Is the installation fit for purpose?
  8. Installation Process;
    1. Site inspection
    2. Prepare drawings
    3. Installation
    4. Testing & Commissioning
    5. Inspections & approvals
  9. and Publicity to ensure the equipment is used.
    1. What type of signage is required?
    2. Is any painting required?
    3. Should the location of the equipment be made public?

If you are looking to undertake an installation and haven’t been able to answer the questions on the checklist.